WaterSpirit Laundromat is committed to delivering an awesome self-service laundry experience at the lowest possible price.


We accept mobile and card payments with Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and PayPal using innovative technology from Paypont Australia.


At our Kangaroo Point and Greenslopes locations, we also accept $1 and $2 coins and our in-store vending machines at these locations can change $5, $10, $20 notes to $1 and $2 coins on purchase of any drinks, snacks or soap item.


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The WaterSpirit Laundromat offers a very convenient and inexpensive wash, dry and fold service for local businesses within 5kms radius of Kangaroo Point with free pickup and delivery.

This service is currently available only to businesses but we are working hard to extend this service to other customers. Watch this space!

Wash-dry-fold (no ironing) $20 per bag ex GST.

Arranging pickup of your laundry is easy, give us a ring and leave the rest to us!

STANDARD Washers | $5 - $6*


Our high speed washers from Speed Queen USA can wash up to 2 laundry loads at once and will get the job done in about 30 mins depending on the wash options selected. 


$6 at Brisbane City

$5 at Kangaroo Point

$5 at Stones Corner  (Greenslopes)


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JUMBO WASHERS | $10 - $12*


Our high speed JUMBO washers from Speed Queen USA are great for washing king size doona's, big towel loads, bed linen sets, curtains, rugs, sleeping bags or giant loads of washing up to 4 laundry loads.


The wash time is 30 mins on average, depending on the wash options selected.


$12 Brisbane City

$10 Kangaroo Point

$10 Stones Corner (Greenslopes)


 *don't forget to check our Specials Page for our daily HALF PRICE discounts!

Tumble Dryers | $1 - $1.20*


We have 6 large gas powered Tumble Dryers from Speed Queen USA. Drying temperatures reach up to 87C to get your clothes dried in no time at all. The usual drying time is 21 mins for small loads and 35 mins for regular loads.



$1.20 (7 mins) Brisbane City

$1 (7 mins) Kangaroo Point

$1 (7 mins) Stones Corner - Greenslopes 


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Laundry PowderS | $1-$2

High efficiency laundry powder and fabric softener is available from our instore vending machine from $1.

Drinks & Snacks | $2

Our Kangaroo Point and Stones Corner - Greenslopes locations have in-store vending machine with drinks, chips, chocolate bars and water available for only $2.


Our City Location conveniently has an IGA supermarket located next door for all your snacking essentials!



Our high speed WiFi is completely free to our laundromat customers during their visit. 


We want to help our customers save as much as possible!

Check out our daily specials for the best laundry deals in Brisbane!